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No Screen Summer Idea 1: The I AM BORED list

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No screen summer....hmmm.  Maybe I should have called it, "Less screen summer" or "Let's just try to find something to do other than screen time summer".  You see, I want my kids to have a screen free summer but honestly my kids are 9 and 12 and sometimes I just NEED them to have a screen.  And I love my own iPad and laptop so I can't be too sanctimonious. 

Every Friday this summer I will post a new idea to help you also create your own NO SCREEN SUMMER

1.  I am bored list

I have a list.  My kids hate the list.  It is the "I am bored list".  The list is 10 things that you can choose from every time a child says "I am bored" or "I can't find anything to do" or "This is boring"

You can click HERE for a printable PDF version.

I have found that this list does 2 things.  

* Keeps my kids from whining

* Helps them actually find things to do

Let me know what your ideas are for your own I AM BORED LIST.

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