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Easy Halloween Balloon Fun for Kids

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I have said this before, but seriously, me love easy holiday fun with kids.  And by easy, I mean E.A.S.Y.!!!  So if you are looking for a last minute fun way to engage your kids while staring at the walls today...I have the thing for you and it is educational.  Hello win-win. Here is the guide to the Balloon Blow Up for Halloween fun.


  • Bottle with a narrow neck.  (I just saved a few back from when I fell down off my diet soda kick. Yes, I know it is terrible for me.  I am back on the straight and narrow.  Don't judge me.)
  • Vinegar (I had this at home...wooohoooo!)
  • Baking soda (Again, already had this. I am liking this project already!)
  • Balloon (We did have this left over from my son's birthday.  I think this is the only thing that might need to be purchased. Not everyone has balloons laying around.)

The supplies are also listed on the chalkboard runner in the pic.  Incase you were wondering, they were written with our zero dust crayons that erase like chalk.  :)  


1.  Pour about an inch of vinegar into those plastic bottles.

2.  Fill your balloon with a table spoon of baking soda.  So I read in different places that you needed a funnel or a straw to do this.  I didn't experience that.  I just carefully put it in the top of the balloon using a spoon.  Oh and this is optional, but you can draw fun faces or messages on your balloons with permanent markers.  But do this before you fill them.  That is probably obvious, right?  

3.  Carefully put the balloon over the lip of the bottle.  Don't let the baking soda spill into it.  

4.  Then ask your kiddos what they think will happen when they combine the vinegar and baking soda. (Hello, fabulous educational moment. Pretty sure you just won mom of the year!)

Kate wanted to make sure that you noticed the amazing heart that she drew on the chalkboard runner in front of her.  So please take note!  

5.  Have them lift the balloon so that the baking soda drops in and watch the magic happen.  

My kids LOVED this and had so much fun.  They wanted to keep doing it over and over.  I hope you have the same success.  

Check out the videos below for a full view of the fun.  :) 

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