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Back to School! Classroom Make-over series. Day 1

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My best friend is a teacher, as was my mother and many beloved people in my life so when Sarah and I designed Imagination Starters together I knew I wanted to play in the teacher world.  

My best friend Sarah (different Sarah than designer/inventor Sarah) works everyday to help her first grade students grow learn and be happy little creatures.  Between classroom management, curriculum preparation and just about 1000 other things, making the classroom cute and creative has not been a "time priority".  

Here's where I get to come in and play.  This got to be MY time priority (and fun photoshoot for our products)!

Over the next several weeks I will show you what we did to transform her room into a fun and creative space.  

Now for DAY 1. Ugly pegboard bookcase transformation.

Not cute or inspiring and a little gross there on the bottom.

Just add....


We used 2 of the Reusable Chalkboard Poster Boards hung vertically with the mounting putty.  It held up great and the seam didn't look too noticeable.

Then we added...


I hate it when people post things that I can't find.  I bought this last year at Joann's so I am not sure that they are still in stock.  You could just screw in 3 little galvanized buckets or even use small pails too. I also used our round chalkboard coasters to label each bin.

And then it looked like this!

We have a garden party or "Learning to Grow" theme in the classroom, Sarah decided this needed a little spice for Open House so she added what every garden needs....

a picket fence!

For this drawing we used chalk markers but we easily could have used the Dry Erase Bright Crayons that are in the top cubby too.

I would recommend taking away the scissors and adding a little pack of baby wipes to the buckets.  The kids can use the baby wipes to wipe off the board to do their own drawing.

I hope you liked our ugly pegboard make-over.  Please be sure to follow our blog to see other fun ways we transformed this classroom.


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