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Tinker Toy Pumpkins

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I love to do seasonal activities with my kids, but lets keep it real, it has to be easy and without much thought required.  Using pumpkin candies as a "Tinker Toy" set was a perfect fit for this low key family.  All I needed was toothpicks and pumpkin candies...SO EASY.  I already had toothpicks in my pantry so I just added the Halloween candies to my grocery list.  

Here is the list of fun things you need and in true Imagination Starters style, the most important thing you need for this activity is your imagination.  I know, we are so cheesy!  

But seriously, after I doodled it all out on the chalkboard runner that lives on our everyday dining table it was super fun to release the kids on the scene. (And for those of you at home wondering, we used our fun Bright Dry Erase Crayons to draw this so it was kid friendly...zero dust and no smearing, but we can still erase it with a damp paper towel.)  They had a blast and enjoyed creating "tanks" and "weights" and the best part was getting to eat the pumpkins as they went.  Luckily, this is not a candy I love so I was able to resist.  

What can your family mane with Pumpkin Tinker Toys????



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