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Imagination Starters is a brand committed to creative, non-digital play. We provide tools to get the imagination started with washable, reusable chalkboard placemats in a variety of styles, chalkboard runners, coloring rolls and other creative fun! Keep checking back to see what is new!

Dry Erase Crayons

Our fun produts work with a variety of drawing tools.  We are so excited about them that we had to share them with you.  Here are a few we hope you enjoy too!

Have you heard of chalk markers?  They write like a marker and erase like chalk!  Yep, we are in love with them too.  Check them all out in our drawing tools. 

Don't forget about the amazing Crayola Bright Dry Erase Crayons.  These are super fun with our chalkboard placemats.  How come you ask?  Because they draw like crayons (no worry about marker ink and no chalky dust!) but they ERASE like chalk.  I know, where have they been your whole life.  


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