5 easy and fun coloring ideas for kids

5 easy and fun coloring ideas for kids
Five easy and fun coloring ideas for kids
Coloring does great things for little brains. It builds fine motor skills, can help with color identification and sparks the creativity.  We have scoured the internet to find you 5 easy and fun coloring ideas that don't require tons of items or a single artistic bone in your body. 
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1. Scribble Art 
kid holding colorful artwork made with crayon and paper
This fun project from FirefliesandMudpies.com will have your kids creating frame worthy art that even they will be amazed by!
2. Coffee Filter Butterflies
Do you have some markers and coffee filters?  Then this coloring activity will have your kids happily creating butterflies while you take 30 minutes to read a book!  Thanks onelittleproject.com for creating this one.
3.  Trace Nature
Trace Erase tracing sheet with crayons to trace leaves
This fun activity can be done indoors or out!  Simple put the leaves under the Trace & Erase mat and use the crayons to trace the leaves.  This coloring activity would be great paired with a print out on leaf identification too!
4. Dinner and a story
Buy yourself some time while prepping dinner by having the kids create stories on their placemats.  Little ones can focus on the picture while older kids can write a story too!  You can find this placemat and more coloring options HERE
5.  Create a masterpiece
All you need to help your kids create a work of art reminiscent of a masterpiece is glue, pastels and black paper!  The folks at thecraftyclassroom.com  did an amazing job showing us how its done.


  • early education

    Easy drawing for kids involves simple, enjoyable activities that spark creativity and build foundational artistic skills. To start, encourage children to use basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles as the building blocks of their drawings.

  • Imagination is vital for kids' development

    This is a great list of easy and fun coloring ideas! Coloring is a fantastic activity that can spark kids’ imaginations. Why imagination is vital for kids (https://www.confettiblue.com/blogs/confetti-blue/nurturing-the-power-of-imagination-why-its-vital-for-kids) is because it allows them to explore their creativity, invent new worlds, and develop problem-solving skills. By providing opportunities for imaginative coloring, we can help kids grow and learn!

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