How to clean Imagination Starters Chalkboard Mats

How to clean Imagination Starters Chalkboard Mats

Our mats are extremely durable and our crayons are designed to erase with water but sometimes it's just not as easy and straightforward as it seems.  Here's a quick reference list for cleaning.

How do I clean off the crayon marks?

When using our Imagination Starters crayons or Crayola Bright Dry Erase Crayons, a damp cloth and a little scrubbing should remove the marks easily.  

But what about when I am out with the kids?

Baby wipes are amazing at cleaning off our mats too.  They have enough grip to really help remove even stubborn marks on the go.

I tried water and baby wipes but the blue crayon still is on there.  What next?

If you get a stubborn mark that seems stuck, don't despair.  You can use any household cleaning spray on our mats and crayons.  I have great luck with Mrs. Meyer's cleaning spray but have used everything from 409 to bathroom cleaner and it has worked without removing the white marks.  Keep in mind that you want to avoid using abrasive cleaners on the white lines as it will remove those as well.

Help!  A regular crayon was used on the mat.  What can I do to get it off?

Yes, this happens sometimes.  As a first step, I recommend using hot tap water and a kitchen scrub to try and remove most of the crayon marks.  If that does not work, you can move on to a more abrasive cleaner.  The crayon will come off with an abrasive like Soft Scrub or a Magic Eraser but it will also likely remove the white lines too.  The good news is that the mats are fun to color still even without perfect white lines. 

Can I use bleach or disinfecting sprays on the mats?

Yes, common bleach sprays and disinfectants can be used on our mats without damaging them.

Can I put the mats in my dishwasher?

No.  Dishwashers just get too hot for our mats and will cause them to get wavy.

I have more questions.  Where do I go?

Please email us at  You can also call our corporate office at 866 886 9901.