Farm Animals {FREE} Activities for Kids Preschool to Grade 2

Farm Animals {FREE} Activities for Kids Preschool to Grade 2
Moooo!  Neigh. Baaah. Peep!  Teach your little ones about Farm Animals with a down-home learning day about these fuzzy, sweet-eyed and gentle friends.
We've gathered the activities for you in this FREE and easy Farm Animals lesson guide:
FUN FACTS (free printable)

Start your day with this handy discussion guide that explains what livestock is and how Farm Animals fit into our daily lives. The fact-based guide leads makes it easy to lead an age appropriate discussion of animal agriculture. Print here

Farm Animals Vintage Fisher Price Farm

Go to a farm near you for a chance to cuddle the farm babies, take a wagon ride or, if you're lucky, witness a live birth. We searched by zip code at and found many family farms in the area. Remember that a farm is often a family business and a home. Farmers are some of the world's busiest people, so dropping in is not advisable. Be sure call ahead to plan your visit and ask about their fresh chicken, heritage pork or organic milk.
Farm Animals Mommy and babies

Can't get to a farm? Watch this virtual farm tour video for kids and join Miss Penny and the KidVision Kids as they collect eggs, measure a pony, and milk a goat. You will see all your favorite farm animals!

Miss Penny virtual farm tour for kids

Boost their comprehension AND their imaginations with our Farm Animals chalkboard coloring mats! Kids can dream of purple cows, orange pigs and rainbow horses because there are no mistakes with our washable, reusable chalkboard placemats. Shop now

Farm Animals Chalkboard Coloring Mat 

Oink!! Little thinkers have big appetites and this sweet, juicy watermelon pig makes for a fun, family project and a satisfying snack. Once you have the pieces cut out use toothpicks and let the kids attach the nose, ears, legs and tail to the body of the pig. Making Farm Animals out of fruit is sure to make the little ones giddy! Here's a step by step video tutorial on how to make one with your kids!

Farm Animals Snack Watermelon Pig 

You'll think the Farm Animals came over to your house when you play the sounds of over 50 farm animals! is a fantastic, free resource including photographs, audio and video so you can listen, guess and mimic the sounds of each animal.
Farm Animals free audio sounds

The Little House on the Prairie book series written by Laura Ingalls Wilder is a step back in time for the entire family to explore frontier life and farming. If you want to share stories of the "back-days" (as our little ones call it) these books are appropriate for all ages and will help them understand farming and life before modern convenience. 

Little House on the Prairie book series

Whatever you eat, we can all improve the lives of Farm Animals by advocating for brands that are kind. Welfare certification labels such as "USDA Organic" represent more humane or transparent farming practices. Farm Animals make our lives better in so many ways (and they're cute!) so let’s return the love. On your next grocery trip why not print out the ASPCA list of brands that are certified kind and improve life for billions of chickens, pigs and cows.

Greenwise Certified Organic Whole Milk 


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