Forest Discovery {Free} Activities for Pre-School to Grade 2

Forest Discovery {Free} Activities for Pre-School to Grade 2

Appreciating nature and wildlife friends is as easy as a walk through the forest. Let's devote a day to creativity inspired by the Forest and the creatures who live there. Check out our list of free, easy and FUN activities to explore the woods: 


Slip into a forest near you! The free online tool at lets you search by zipcode to find parks and greenspaces in your area. Plus, they offer a huge list of activities from identifying trees to story book recommendations that will make your forest adventure super fun. 


Step right into the magical forest and color woodland animal friends. Using our Wildlife coloring mat and dry erase crayons your child will create over and over again. There are no mistakes with our washable, reusable mats. From blue mountains to pink & orange foxes...see how kids imagine wildlife! Shop now

Forest Friends Chalkboard Coloring Mat 


You don't need a camp fire to combine graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate into a delectable treat!! S'mores are a crowd pleaser any time, any where and the perfect snack for a discussion day about the forest.

Forest Snack Idea: S'Mores

Girl Eat S'Mores - Forest Snack Idea  


Explore the woods and pick up leaves, pine cones, acorns or sticks. Back at home pull out the art supplies and transform your haul into colorful creations! We painted dried leaves and glitter-ized pine cones. The best part? Your Imagination Starters chalkboard placemat is reversible and flips over to become the perfect, washable workspace. Messes are no problem because glue, glitter and paint easily wash away!

Forest Ideas for Kids - Painting Dried Leaves

Forest Ideas for Kids: Glitter Pine Cones 

Imaginations soar on a woodland walk! Accessories, like a magical leaf crown that lets you "talk" with forest animals, only enhance the fun! We made a leaf crown using cloth-covered wire wrapped around the stems of dried leaves. You can also use floral wire or wired ribbon. Wildflowers or twigs also work well for making magical crowns. Get creative with what you have at home or can find in the forest!

Kids Forest Fun - make a Leaf Crown 


Live brown bear cams hanging out in the river, catching salmon or sleeping are available to watch from your own home! offers a variety of live animal cams at various locations. We were lucky enough to tune in right on time and watch a brown catch and eat his salmon for lunch! 

Kids Forest Activities - Live Bear Cam


Do your part to prevent forest fires and take the pledge for Smokey's five rules of wildfire prevention. Click now to take the Smokey Bear Pledge! Nearly nine out of 10 wildfires nationwide are caused by humans and could have been prevented. Show your commitment to help stop the spread of wildfires. 

Forest Activities for Kids - Smokey Bear



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