Fun and accidentally educational American Flag placemat craft

Fun and accidentally educational American Flag placemat craft

Make the table look great, learn through play and be creative-- all in one easy craft.

Simply have the kids make a US flag on our placemats. Give them a picture of the real flag and have them count the stars and stripes and recreate it exactly.  

The lesson plan below shows you all the talking points and accidental learning opportunities that come from this one simple activity.

When it's done, decorate your table with these cute placemats.  The kids will be proud of their creations and may even feel a little patriotic!

Kids LOVE to decorate for picnic, parties and barbecues. Take a rainy day or a quiet afternoon moment to help them make some festive American Flag Mats. Here's what they'll learn!

SHAPES: The American Flag is made of up rectangles, a square and stars. It's a great time to explain that the both stripes and the square are shapes with 4 sides.

COUNTING: The American Flag has exactly 7 red stripes, 6 white stripes and 50 stars. That's a lot of counting!

GEOGRAPHY: The 50 stars represent the 50 states. Before telling them this, ask them why they think there are 50 stars. Their answers might be entertaining.

HISTORY: The 13 stripes are representative of the 13 original colonies. Take out a map and show them where the colonies were.



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