Fun ways to entertain outside

Fun ways to entertain outside

chalkboard table runner with charcuterie boards and sangria


Throwing a party outside can be a challenge or REALLY fun.  It's all in the planning and supplies.  Here are some fun tips to make your next outdoor party more entertaining.

1.  Bring on the games

Standing around staring at each other making small talk is fun for NO ONE. But beating the heck out of your closest friend in a death match of outdoor Jenga, well that's definitely more fun.  Ladder ball, corn hole, tic tac toe, Jenga, whatever just make sure to have it ready to go!

2.  Keep the food light and simple

No one wants to eat a roasted turkey or fancy pasta in your backyard.  Keep the food small and easy to pick up.  I love a good charcuterie plate because it can be easily refilled and who doesn't love cheese?

You can find our chalkboard charcuterie boards HERE

3.  Be inventive with your decoration

For my son's grad party, I used metal french buckets and a bunch of different flowers to create flower arrangements that we far from fussy

I used Easy Arranger to hold all my flowers in place which came in really handy since I didn't buy quite enough flowers to fill all the vases.

You can buy Easy Arranger on  HERE

4. Get the kids in on the fun

Kids can be the life of the party or well, NOT.  Any outdoor party will be better when you have something fun for the kids to do that doesn't involve kicking, screaming, or throwing objects.  

How about coloring?  These chalkboard mats and crayons make a fun, kind of quiet activity plus when they're done, they can clean them off with a wet wipe and start all over again. You can shop all the fun styles right HERE


I hope you get outside and bring all the fun, family and friends!

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