Gift ideas for kids that inspire and educate. Episode 1: Teens

Gift ideas for kids that inspire and educate. Episode 1: Teens

If you have been following my blog you know that my family has ALL of our celebrations clustered from October to December.  That means a lot of gift buying for a lot of people and so I need a lot of ideas.

As the owner of Imagination Starters, I value non-digital, creative play.  I want my gifts to make kids think or be creative and ultimately just have fun. I have always said that my gifts aren't given for the "open and WOW!" moment but for the "they play with that a lot" moment that builds over time.  

I hope this helps you find that perfect gift for the kids in your life.

Let's start with the hardest, teens!

Jack and Alice are my teens 💕😍

The elusive 16 year old boy

My son Jack is turning 16 and no, a car is not a gift for this boy.  He is a smart, weird, guy who loves computers, gaming, physics and tie dye.  What do you get for a 16 year old  boy?

Under $50 gift

Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat [A Cookbook] 

$16-19.99 Buy at an independent bookstore HERE  or Amazon HERE

Why:  Independent life is on the horizon for a teen and learning how to be self sufficient really is valuable. Plus, they can get bragging rights that they can make a chicken pot pie and know what puff pastry is.

Over $50 gift 

Speedball Intermediate Silk Screen Kit  


Buy at Dick Blick

Why:  Have a creative kid or even one who has great thoughts that deserve their own t shirt?  This is the gift for them.  This kit can help anyone take a drawing and put it right on any fabric item.  Be sure to order this one now, as even as I am typing the item is back-ordered for 1-3 weeks.

The 13 year old girl

Alice is my creative soul.  She is in to cosplay (dress up for older people), art, music, and creating videos.  

Under $50

LED strip lights 


Amazon has them HERE

Why:  Creating a space that is just their own is a priority for a lot of teens. These LED lights work with a remote control that can change the color and light pattern at the push of the button.  Plus with the color changing, their room can suddenly be any color they are in the mood for, without the time consuming expensive paint job.

Over $50

Button Maker

Amazon has it HERE

Why:  This button maker is easy to use and can make up to 1000 buttons!  Kids can make them and share with friends.

Next week I will focus on the 9-11 year old gift list.  My nephew Max is in that crew and he has given me some great ideas for what he and his female friends will love this year.

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