Halloween Week 2- What to give at the door "non-candy" edition

Halloween Week 2- What to give at the door

I love candy but sometimes it's just not the most exciting (or healthy) thing to give to the neighbor kids and my nieces and nephews.  

This week in the video, I give you some fun ideas of what to give out that isn't candy.

All of the items presented are less than $10.  I can't afford to give something that big to every kid that comes to my door but I can make a few special goody bags for the neighbors I know and my nieces and nephews.

Here's some fun "what to give on Halloween" ideas:

1.  Toothbrush.  Just kidding.  DO NO DO THIS.  You will have very unhappy littles and may get TP'd or egged later

2.  Glow in the Dark Silly Putty, about $2

3.  Good2grow PODS

4.  Imagination Starters Halloween Coloring Mat

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