Learning Map Skills for pre-school to grade 2

Learning Map Skills for pre-school to grade 2

Our world is amazing! Let's talk about seven huge landmasses called continents, the countries within them AND find out where we live. Kids love learning where everything can be found on a map.

Check out our quick guide to leading a fun-filled, Map Skills learning day:

FUN FACTS (free printable)

Build interest with our read-aloud guide as we begin to visualize where objects, places, cities and states are located and ask important questions about maps. Print here


Me on the Map is a visual guide for children to discover where they are in our world. This journey of maps begins in their bedroom and moves from their house onto the street and culminates in their own city, state and country. This beloved book will most likely be available in your public library so be sure to reserve it prior to your Map Skills learning day!

Me On The Map Book 


Enjoy this free Me On The Map printable activity courtesy of TheCraftingChicks.com (no email required for download!). Your child will make their own booklet to reinforce comprehension of their world. The booklet craft may be saved and referred to as your kids grow in their understanding and spatial awareness.

Me On The Map FREE Activity Printable 


Our Continents and United States chalkboard placemats are the ultimate tool for your Map Skills learning day. Not only can they learn to identify the continents, countries and the American states but you can wipe the mats clean and lead a discussion about the basic elements of any map: Title, Legend, Compass Rose to indicate direction and Scale. Shop now

Continents Chalkboard Placemat

United States Chalkboard Placemat 


For your continents discussion check out Nat Geo Kids to view a short video showing the intrigue of each continent. Live footage and sound will give the children a glimpse into the diverse world we live in and enrich the discussion.  

Nat Geo Kids Continents Videos 


Spin the globe while blindfolded and point to the country you will travel to. Then find your destination on this online Children's Travel Guide and explore many pictures and facts about life there! Includes many photos of the wildlife, population, attractions, food, customs, holiday activities in hundreds of countries as well as a map and flag for children to discover. Stay in one country as long as you like with fun quizzes and travel trivia questions, too! This family travel guide is written for kids! 

Spin Travel the Globe Game


Become a cartographer for the day when you piece together a giant map of your own state. Each state map is available as a downloadable tiled PDF that you can print and assemble. This fun and free activity invites your child to match letters, shapes and numbers while aligning and centering the map pieces. Thank you to the National Geographic Resource Library -- we love these giant, printable state maps!

Piecing together a map of your state




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