Fun Robot Activities for Pre-school to Grade 2

Fun Robot Activities for Pre-school to Grade 2

Power up! Kids love Robots and want to learn why they matter to our world. From drones to droids, and even playful pets, Robots are everywhere. They're becoming more and more part of our daily lives so let's learn and dream all about Robots!

Here's the quick guide to creating your fun-filled, Robot teaching day:

FUN FACTS (free printable)

Read it aloud and get the kids excited with this fascinating, age-appropriate Robot discussion guide. Kids will love thinking and talking about how cool Robots really are. Print here


Use LEGOs, Magna-Tiles, Play-Dough or whatever you have at home to help your child build their own one-of-a-kind robot. Talk about each Robot and what special skills it may have to help its human friends!

Robot made from Lego



Nurture fine motor skills and set the stage for design with Robot Chalkboard Placemats from Imagination Starters. Using our dry erase crayons your child can create different robots with different features, over and over again. Encourage creativity and out-of-this-world design because there are no mistakes with washable, reusable coloring mats! Order here

 kids love coloring robots


Gather up the Robot toys and do some play acting. Creative role playing allows your child to become the voice of their Robot, interact with other Robot's and create stories around how they like to assist their human friends. Don't have any robot-looking plush or figures? Print some robot photos you find online, cut them out and glue to a popsicle stick or straw.

kids role play to learn about robots 


Critical thinking and creative design require a full belly and a Robot-inspired snack will be a big hit at your Robot learning day. We made an edible Robot out of our favorite fruits and added a dollop of whipped cream. Create your own edible Robot with veggies, PB&J sandwich shapes, pretzels and peanut butter or whatever you're snacking on today!

Robot inspired snack for kids


Learn more about the amazing power of robots with the Nat Geo Kid video playlist about Amazing Machines! Includes 12 educational Robot videos that were created for kids.

NASA kids learn about robots 



Over the years, NASA has sent four Robot vehicles, called rovers, to Mars: Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, and Curiosity. Mark your calendars because Perseverance, the 5th NASA rover, is now on its way to Mars! The anticipated landing date on Mars is February 18, 2020.  To learn more visit NASA Science - Space Place for Kids and read about the Mars Rovers.

Mars Rover 2020 Kids learn about Robots 

Be sure to like NASA Space Place for Kids on Facebook for updates on the next Mars rover.

Need more? NASA offers high-quality, free educational content for K-12. Check out free lesson plans from NASA Robotics.

Get your Robot on! And please share your pics and stories with us! We want to feature all of your Robot creations on our Facebook page! 


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    Wow..this is a great post. So creative and inspiring. I like to send educational and artistic gifts to the youngsters in my extended family. When I taught art to elementary I always did a Robot lesson. This is one topic I want to use for one of my gift art boxes soon. I’ll be ordering. Thank you!

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