Gnomes & Fairies Travel Mat Set
Gnomes & Fairies Travel Mat Set
Gnomes & Fairies Travel Mat Set
Gnomes & Fairies Travel Mat Set

Gnomes & Fairies Travel Mat Set

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Our Gnomes & Fairies Travel Mat Set is great for an on the go coloring activity.

The first mat features an adventurous girl pirate and her trusty pirate monkey and parrot friends.  They are looking for hidden treasure with her treasure map.  The second mat has a band of pirates that includes a boy, monkey, parrot, shark, and octopus.  These pirate friends are waving to a passing pirate ship.  Each mat is blank on the back for ultimate creativity.

This reusable, educational activity is designed to help with color identification and fine motor skill building. These are the perfect gifts to take anywhere!  Restaurants, waiting rooms, sibling's sporting events all become a little more fun when our travel mats are there.

Pirate Travel Mat Set includes:

  • 2 - 9x12 chalkboard coloring cards
  • 4 pack of washable, dust-free chalk crayons
  • resealable pouch
  • Erase with a baby wipe or damp cloth

The mat and crayons are Made in China, but we print and assemble them in Michigan.  Can handle "kid" treatment.

The package has a full color care instruction & UPC code label.

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He. Loves. Them.

beltranbride14 He. Loves. Them. 😳 He sat there and did all of them as soon as I got them out of the package 👍 @imaginationstarters for the win!

Multifuctional and heavy duty!

Shesdangerous These are awesome! It entertains my kids while I'm cooking dinner. Sometimes, not all of the time, but sometimes it occupies them just enough to give me a few extra minutes. They wash off as advertised and they are made of heavy duty material. No one is going to tear these placemats. Multifunctional!

Easy to clean

Wipe off with a damp cloth or submerge them in water and use soapy water.

Don't forget the crayons

No dusty mess. Non-toxic and easy to wipe off with water.  Available in a 4 pack or 8 pack.